The Small Print

  •  This is not a scheduled bus service and must be pre-booked. The timetable on our site is an example of where we can transfer you to and collect you from.

  • We operate only on advanced booking. This should be made by phone or email at least 24 hours in advance of travel. Bookings with less than 24 hours notice, while may be possible can not be guaranteed.

  • The bus will run when at least three bookings have been made for any route on any date. In the event that no other bookings have been made for your date of travel and your party is less than three people you will have the choice to either select another date or pay the equivalent fare.  

  • Although designed to work with train schedule, we accept no responsibility if due to unforeseen events the bus is delayed en route and connections are not made.

  • Bus timetables have been scheduled to fit the arrival of the Dublin train into Rathdrum station and the train departures from Rathdrum to Dublin. In the event of the train being delayed, you are advised to contact us on 087 8176630.

  • Estimated journey times on our timetables are provided as a guide and could change due to traffic conditions.

  • Payment will be required in full on boarding the bus.

  • Our timetable is subject to change without notice. Bookings that have been confirmed will not be affected.

  • Smoking is prohibited on all of our buses.

  • All seats on buses are provided with seat belts. Passengers are advised that seat belts should be worn for their own safety.

  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to any of our buses where deemed necessary in the interests of safety.

  • Passengers are requested not to cause any nuisance to fellow passengers and at all times to follow the directions of the driver.

  • We reserve the right to ask any passenger causing a disturbance or nuisance to leave the bus. In this event they will forfeit their ticket fee in full.


Q.   How do I book a place on the bus?

A.   You can book the the bus by phoning +353(0)87 8176630 or emailing your booking to at least   24 hours in advance of your arrival time. 

Q.   How do I pay?

A.   Payment is made to the driver on boarding the bus via cash or card. 

Q.   What currency do you accept?

A.   We accept euro notes and coins and card payments.

Q.   What time does the bus run and what days?

A.   This is not a scheduled bus service and must be pre-booked. Our timetables are an indication of where we can transfer          you to and collect you from. 

Q.   Can I pre-book a single journey?

A.   Yes you can travel either one way or return by phoning or emailing 24 hours in advance of your journey. 

Q.   Is it possible to book for a group of people?

A.   Yes, as long as it is booked in advance as with all reservations. 

Q.   Are your buses fitted with seat-belts?

A.   Yes, our buses are fitted with seat-belts. 

Q.   I left my phone/scarf/bag on your bus, how can I get it back?

A.   Just email us the details and if found we will arrange to return the item to you. 

Q.   What can I do if I have further questions?

A.We are always happy to work with you in planning your journey.

You can also email us your questions or comments to


Rathdrum, Co Wicklow,